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The Environmental Department continues our environmental stewardship responsibilities through monitoring and assessing our environmental conditions, providing education and outreach to tribal citizens, and collaborating with other organizations to address environmental priorities in the community. Our current projects: protecting our traditional food’s security by monitoring our waters and shellfish for harmful algal blooms (HABs), collecting baseline water quality of our rivers, coordinating marine debris and community cleanups, and monitoring outdoor air quality

YTT Enviornmental

Subsistence fisheries have always been and will remain a priority for YTT leadership, tribal members, and the community of Yakutat. The Fisheries Program allows for active participation in subsistence management decisions that impact our tribal members and resources.

Our Projects

yakutat environmental outreACH RESOURCES

Invasive Species Prevention

An invasive species can be any kind of non-native living organism that invades an ecosystem where it doesn’t belong and causes harm. 

LEO Network

A statewide organization where communities can share unusual environmental observations and receive insights and information from environmental professionals.

Energy Efficiency

Find ways to increase your home and appliance energy efficiency by upgrading appliances and retrofitting your homes.

Air Quality and Health

Learn what should or should not be burned to prevent the release of harmful chemicals that may increase your risk of health problems or damage appliances.

Native Pollinators, Plants, and Gardening

Discover Alaska’s primary native pollinators and the important role they play in pollinating Alaska crops.

Food Waste and Composting

Effective ways to reduce food waste and save money; and everything you need to know about composting.

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