Preserving, maintaining, and protecting the unique culture, land, and resources of the Yakutat Tlingit People.

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Yakutat COVID-19 Information Page

The latest COVID-19 updates and information for the community of Yakutat.

Put Your Career in Gear: Commercial Driver’s License Class A

Commercial Driver’s License Training Course taking place in Yakutat from October 19 to November 8, 2020. Register for this class as early as today!

YTT Tribal Court Web Page Now LIVE!

Visit the new YTT Tribal Court page to learn more about our programs, services, advocates, recent developments, and current and future projects!

Yakutat Tlingit Tribe JOM Art Survey

YTT is looking at providing pre-assembled traditional art kits for your children as part of our youth art programs. Let us know what their interests are by taking this short survey!

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What makes us who we are

An Intimate Connection to Our Lands

Haa Aaní, Haa Kusteeyí

The Tlingit people have a very strong historic, cultural, linguistic & spiritual connection to their land.

Our way of life

Haa Shagoon

We have a lengthy history of reliance on our habitat – subsisting off of the abundant Alaskan Wildlife.


Culture and Tradition

Our practiced customs, songs and dances, and traditional ceremonies which were passed down through generations with pride and dignity validate our identity and culture.

The Tlingit Language

Lingít Yoo X̲ʼatángi

Our Tlingit identity is born through our language; and through our language, we get to see the way our ancestors truly saw the world.

arts and crafts

Arts and Crafts

The distinctive art of the Tlingit is reflective of their culture, ancestry, and collaborative histories.

Respect for nature

Ldakát át a yáa ayaduwanéi

The Tlingit believe that every creature has a soul and all life is of equal value; plants, trees, birds, fish, animals, and human beings are equally respected.

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