Human Services & Education

The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Human Services & Education Department integrates employment, training, and related services to provide and improve the effectiveness of those services, which are Employment Assistance, Economic Development, Employment Support Services, Occupational Training, Higher Education Scholarship, General Educational Development, Indian Child Welfare, Adult Care Services, Emergency Assistance, Burial Assistance, Child Care, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, and The Emergency Food Assistance Program

Our Goals

  • Provide educational and training opportunities for Tribal members, Alaska Natives, and American Indians living within the community, taking into consideration their individual strengths, talents, goals, and barriers.

  • Prepare, encourage, and assist these individuals to obtain, retain, and advance their employment that they may become self-sufficient.

  • Implement programs that are consistent with the cultural values and activities paramount to Native tradition, and healthy, thriving families.

Give Us a Call

Penney James, Human Services and Education Director

Lindsey Hershey, 477 Case Manager

Nadine Fraker, Child Care Manager

Rachel Fraker, Intake Specialist

(907) 784-3368

(907) 784-3124

(907) 784-3630

(907) 784-3635

Events & Calendars

Training Room Schedule

The Training Room is a 24’ x32 ‘ classroom space available for courses taught locally. It is equipped with five computers available for public use. It is open from 9 am to 4 pm during weekdays. If you would like to schedule a meeting or course in the Training Room please call our offices (907) 784-3368 Penney or (907) 784-3124 Lindsey.

Community Calendar

The community calendar is an effort to advertise local events and coordinate between entities, so we do not book events over the top of one another. Please send your event schedules to []


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