employment assistance

A support to clients who are currently out of work and seeking assistance with basic needs.

Economic development

A small, needs based grant for business owners, items purchased not to be repetitive.

employment support services

A small, needs based grant for those employed, such as clothing, tools, etc.

occupational training

Training for employment certification and applied associate degrees.

higher education scholarship

Education for associate, bachelor, or master degrees, must be a full time student.

general educational development

Tutoring and testing for the GED high school equivalent.

indian child welfare

An advocate who monitors the state when they interact with Native families assuring compliance with the law.

adult care services

A program that provides care for adults who need assistance with daily tasks.

emergency assistance

Natural disaster assistance up to $1000, paid to a vendor.

burial assistance

Assistance for the burial expenses up to $2500, paid to the vendor.

child care

Childcare Center for YTT or YCHC employees that are on site or within reasonable proximity of the child care classroom.

Low Income home energy assistance

Home heating and electrical assistance, income based qualification is required, all community members may apply.

food distribution program on indian reservations

Once monthly food distribution selected by the client from a list of current stock in dry, canned, fresh, and frozen foods, income based qualification is required, all community members may apply.

the emergency food assistance program

Once monthly dry and canned food assistance available, all community member may apply.