Administration & Finance

The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe’s commitment to excellent service dates back to over thirty years ago, and to this date, has remained true to its purpose of continuously uplifting the cultural, social and economic aspects of its community. In line with this, the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe’s Administration and Finance Department is committed to enhancing the quality of services of our organization. We strive to successfully carry out the initiatives of our Tribal Council for the best interests of our Tribal Membership.

The Administration Department, headed by the Executive Assistant, formulates comprehensive administrative planning and organizational development and serves as a link between the various departments and aims to ensure the smooth flow of information and communication. We aspire to constantly develop effective administrative procedures and office management strategies. Our department’s approach towards growth and development begins with enhancing each staff’s ability to manage and organize office activities professionally and effectively, and ensuring high level of workplace productivity and efficiency.

The Finance Department, headed by the Chief Finance Officer, is committed to developing sustainable asset management strategies and precise budget and financial analyses. Overseeing and developing annual and monthly budget reports are an essential task of our department, as we seek to constantly improve procedures and controls for receipt and spending of administrative budget. We thrive on accurately performing financial business functions such as planning, organizing, controlling, auditing, and accounting for the organization’s finances. Furthermore, our department incorporates human resource management aspects through the Human Resource/Payroll officer who oversees the recruitment and selection process, and utilizes various tools to provide workforce motivation.

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