The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Housing Development Department was formed to mitigate the lasting problem of affordable housing shortage in Yakutat. The department is committed to purchasing land, building property, and rehabilitating property as a step towards increasing housing availability in our community. The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe’s endeavor to increase housing availability will also create numerous jobs in Yakutat as carpenters, general laborers, and specialized personnel will be needed in the construction of the aforementioned properties. The economic impacts of housing development in areas like Yakutat extend far beyond the construction phase and onto the long haul as abundant and affordable housing can gradually lower the cost of living for our entire community and help attract new residents.

The Housing Development Department’s inaugural projects include a four-plex and two (2) single family homes in the Thunderland Subdivision. The four-plex is being constructed by the Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA) using YTT’s NAHASDA funding, while the two single family homes are slated to be funded by the HUD184 Guaranteed Loan Program, and constructed by the Tlingit and Haida Regional Housing Authority as well.

YTT's 4-Plex Construction Project

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