Yakutat Forelands Water Quality Monitoring

Yakutat Forelands, 2011. Source: Aandeiyeen blog website

YTT created the Yakutat Foreland monitoring plan (“Monitoring Plan”) based on input from YTT Tribal Council and members to collect data regarding the water quality of culturally and economically important rivers to our community. YTT Environmental Department recently received a grant to implement the Monitoring Plan. We collect samples from 12 rivers, from the East Alsek River to Ophir Creek. This project is to produce a robust and scientifically defensible database regarding the current state of our rivers, to be used for healthy management of our water bodies. Water chemistry data will collect information on dissolved metals and hydrocarbons commonly associated with development activities. Physical measurements include temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH (acidity), salinity, turbidity, and conductivity.

Map of Rivers Sampled in Monitoring Plan

This data is meant to inform management that will promote responsible stewardship and to detect any potential violations of water quality standards.