LEO Network

Welcome to the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Environmental Department Page

The Local Environmental Observation (LEO) Network is statewide organization where communities can share unusual environmental observations and receive insight and information from environmental professionals. The website includes maps, reports, and professional’s advice on unusual environmental events. LEO includes variety of topics such as animal sightings or illnesses, extreme weather events, changes in usual growing seasons for plants and animals, or any noteworthy environmental oddity. This group of citizen scientist collaboration is a great way to stay updated on current events and increase communication regarding environmental topics.

Anyone who becomes a member is allowed to access the information, as well as post observations, which others can then read about and comment on. You can search by date, area, or topic. This makes it extremely easy to stay updated on issues in Yakutat, the Southeast, and all of Alaska. Some topics you may search by include fish, ice, weather, birds, marine mammals, infrastructure, invertebrates, die-offs, landslides, floods, ocean, plants/kelp, food security, and more.

Example of a LEO Observation Article

The LEO network was launched in 2012 as a tool to help the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC) share observations and information about environmental change throughout the state. There is also a LEO App available for download for easy access to this information. Explore the website at http://leonetwork.org.

Or, contact the YTT Environmental Department to share your observations and we can relay that information to the LEO Network. Detailed information such as time, date, specific location, and photographs, are encouraged.