YTT Environmental Household Waste Stream Assessment

YTT waste stream assessment

The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Environmental Department conducted a Household Waste Stream Assessment from June 1st to June 8th, 2020. A Waste Stream Assessment is a study that determines the amount of paper, food, and other materials that are being discarded from a particular source, such as households.

waste sorting

Volunteer Households from different neighborhoods throughout Yakutat participated and saved their trash for YTT to collect and sort through.

The goal of the Household Waste Stream Assessment is to improve solid waste management in the community by getting a better understanding on the types and average amounts of waste generated. This study will provide essential data for the Environmental Department and aid in their development of healthy and sustainable compost programs for the community.

household garbage
waste stream assessment

“YTT Environmental extends our appreciation to everyone who participated in the household waste stream assessment this week! Our goal was to obtain a better understanding of how we can improve solid waste management, especially when dealing with food waste and how much of that we could potentially divert from entering the landfill. Food waste is hard to burn. It requires a lot of earthen cover if it is to be landfilled. The better approach will be to compost, which not only lessens our environmental impact but will strengthen food sovereignty by supporting local gardens.”

waste stream assessment

To learn more about food waste, why it’s problem, and how you can help, check out this Environmental Department outreach page about Food Waste and Composting.