Census 2020 Alaska Federation of Natives PSA

As you know, the US Census is happening right now in rural Alaska. If Enumerators (Census Takers) haven’t knocked on your door yet, they will soon. Before they get there, please watch this one minute PSA on how to best answer Question #5 and Question #9, WHICH ARE VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU’RE ALASKA NATIVE. Census Data derived from these questions guide community funding decisions and determines how much money a community gets from the government. That is how the Census directly benefits local communities, and its members, now and into the future.

If the Enumerators have already recorded your information, don’t worry. You can update your answers in a month or so!

Also, the Alaska Federation of Natives is hiring ‘Outreach Specialists’ to help with Census awareness in the following communities:


Please call AFN at (907) 274-3611 or email [email protected] for inquiries.