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The Situk Partners: Situk River Watershed Cooperative Management Framework


The Situk River watershed is host to all five pacific salmon species, healthy populations of trout, and the largest spring steelhead run in Alaska. This small river produces the majority of the subsistence and commercial salmon harvested in the Yakutat area and provides a world-class sport fishery. 

Recognizing the value of the Situk River, its resources, and its ties to the lives of the local people, the community of Yakutat expressed the need for Situk River watershed cooperative management regarding the river. Yakutat residents encouraged federal, state, and local governments responsible for management of the Situk River watershed, to discuss management alternatives and options for the river, and to hear from the local people on the issues. 

In 1999, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, U.S. Forest Service, City and Borough of Yakutat, Yakutat Tlingit Tribe, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Environmental Protection Agency formed a partnership to do just that. 

The Situk Partners meet at least once annually to solicit public input, identify public use and resource issues, evaluate progress, recommend management and adopt an action plan that addresses these issues. Within the watershed, the partners aim to maintain a clean watershed, promote responsible vehicle use, advocate positive land use ethics, emphasize respectful etiquette between user groups, and provide predominantly natural recreation settings. 

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