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The yakutat tlingit tribe environmental department

The Environmental Department continues our environmental stewardship responsibilities through monitoring and assessing our environmental conditions, providing education and outreach to tribal citizens, and collaborating with other organizations to address environmental priorities in the community. Our current projects: protecting our traditional food’s security by monitoring our waters and shellfish for harmful algal blooms (HABs), collecting baseline water quality of our rivers, coordinating marine debris and community cleanups, and monitoring outdoor air quality

On September 30, 2019, The Yakutat Tlingit Tribe Environmental Department received grant funding from the Administration of Native Americans (ANA) in the amount of $274,927 for year one of the three-year project entitled “Yakutat Foreland Baseline Studies.” The YTT Environmental Department is set to receive $271,104 for year two and $276,894 for year three, for a total award amount of $822,925. This grant funding was acquired through CFDA No. 93.581, which is geared toward ‘Improving the Capability of Indian Tribal Governments to Regulate Environmental Quality’…

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